Friday, 11 May 2018

Pool Jewels - Ibiza inspired poolside jewellery for your summer holidays brought to you by Swimwear365

In February, I got an email from the team at Swimwear365 about a new campaign they were planning. We supply their parent company (Freemans) with jewellery & accessories. Anyway, it transpired that they were looking for a supplier to collaborate with, someone who could bring to life their vision of creating a capsule collection of poolside jewellery. 

Always up for a challenge, of course...I said YES!

So after a good few emails back and forth between me liaising with my agent in China (Juan Juan, who I'm sure you've heard me speaking of many times) we managed to finalise a capsule collection of necklaces for them. 

We decided on a gold & black matt opulent necklace. An on-trend, iridescent necklace and this beautiful mother of pearl all over chain. 

Gold & Black Matt Opulent Body Chain Necklace

Iridescent Silver Tone Body Chain Necklace

Mother of Pearl Body Chain Necklace

The last style that we delivered was a vibrant, multicoloured gem stone necklace...but the feedback  we got on this one was that it was OK, it wasn't great. This was mostly due to the fact that the front part of the necklace was really heavy, and it made the entire piece look disjoined and it pulled the design down.

The Vibrant Gem Stone Necklace

Ever quick thinking, the marketing team at Swimwear365 came up with an idea of how to resolve this:

Armed with a pair of pliers and some creative flare, the girls started to play around with the construction of the necklace, taking it apart piece by piece and adding it into other areas. Slowly, something started to happen. The form of the necklace started to change. 

By turning the necklace on its side, and by making a slight adjustment the necklace transformed into a belt! We tried the new belt on for size. By rebalancing the weight of the necklace onto the hips instead of taking the weight on your chest, the piece became a lot easier to wear and made more sense. Swimwear365 were happy and I was really happy to change the design and create a custom order for them.

The final shot of the belt used for the website is below. 

The order was confirmed, the stock was made and everything was shipped into them and the collection went live. 

I love my work. I love the fact that each day is different and each order that I process is unique. Managing an accessories brand was my dream from when I was aged just 16 years old working in Marks & Spencers. Flash forward 15 years and I'm living it as my reality.

As I always say, "Anything you want in your life is possible". Take all situations that present themselves to you and just say yes. Take a step back for a minute. Apply some creativity, and you really can take on the world!

You can shop the range of pool jewels from the Swimwear365 website HERE.

Drink in hand. Bikini on. Accessories done & Rock it.

I'm so ready for summer! Are you?

Xander. xx

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