Tuesday, 26 April 2011

RIP Gabrielle Joseph

'In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.'

Gabby modelled our AW10 Jewellery collection. She wasn't just a model for the brand, she was also my friend. I have never met such a beautiful girl, both inside and out. Gabby, why didn't you come to me if you had something to hide? The night you passed away I was speaking so highly of you. I just wish I was on Facebook and would have seen your post to call you...

I will never forget you Gabby. May you rest in peace.

Xander. x x x

Gabby Joseph, freelance model. 28.07.94 - 25.04.11. Aged 16 years.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

An alternative to cotton for our swing tickets...

Before we got into the fashion industry, there were many things that we over looked and had no idea how much thought/discussion went into them. For example, who could reaslise that there would be so many factor’s in deciding how a swing ticket looks/what it is made from?

We have been thinking, and although at present we do use cotton is our collection, we wanted to start making small changes to how our business pushes forward into the future. So, we started by deciding that we wanted to use hemp for the string on our swing tickets.

Most people agree that hemp is one of the purest, most complete plants on Earth.

Hemp grows almost anywhere and requires no pesticides or fertiliser. The plant is good both for the soil and the atmosphere. The potential for Hemp is vast - including sustainable bio-mass (power) and bio-diesel (fuel).

Hemp not only makes an excellent source of textile fabric but it can be turned into paper. We didn’t realise but, many of the world's most famous historical works are actually written on hemp paper. Just call into your local museum and enquire, we guarantee you will find some hemp paper there!

As a brand, our current collection is made up of 50% Lycocell and 50% Cotton. We have been looking at ways to improve our use of cotton in our next collection. So, we have decided that instead of making new cotton garments we were going to produce more recycled cotton garments and cut back on the new.

Our spring 2012 collection will be made up of approx 10% Lycocell, approx 40% recycled cotton, 20% new cotton garments and 30% mixed/other fibres.

We are also promising to invest into looking at producing clothing using hemp and other natural fibres...but, for the time being and I hope you will agree it's the little changes that help, we have decided that at least for now, the string for our swing tickets will be made out of 100% hemp tweed and will come in white to match the card (which can be recycled) and our label (which is made from woven fibres).

Please get in touch with us if you have any useful information about the properties of hemp? We would love to hear from you! Find us on Facebook HERE.

Thanks for reading!

Love Emi♥.

x x x

Saturday, 16 April 2011

What I did today...

Sitting in the garden knowing there were loads of samples in the office, I just couldn't resist. So, I picked up a needle and thread and started sewing in the sun.

What do you think of the labels? I've sewn a handful of samples now to take to the factory on Monday! So excited, roll on winter 2011!

Love Xander @ Emi♥.

x x x

Swing tickets have arrived!

Our launch date is getting closer and closer and everything seems to be coming along nicely. In reality, we are looking at late May/early June to launch our exclusive collection! ...but, not to worry, we will of course to keep you updated.

Our swing tickets have arrived, and we couldn't be happier. A lovely box of 1000 tickets was waiting for us as we got into the office this morning. What do you think of our new tags? All comments welcomed!

Hmmm...we were thinking, how does a little discount sound off the new collection? Let us know! How would you promote the new collection? Get in touch with us on Facebook or email us direct!

Have fun in the sun today!

Love Emi♥. x x x

Sunday, 10 April 2011