About the brand

What is Emi?
Emi is a PETa approved, vegan concept fashion accessories brand, specialising in women's jewellery. Founded in 2009, by Xander Kostroma; our aim is to offer affordable costume jewellery with a conscience to women aged 30+. 
The idea behind our label?
To take a social stand on ethical issues when sourcing materials as a company. We believe in acknowledging and fighting issues we hear about in the media daily, in fashion it is not only our social duty, but a moral obligation and, yes - you guessed it, sweatshops, animal cruelty and child labour are still happening all over the world. You can rely on Emi to take a hard-line on these and promise our customers that we will NEVER use unethical methods when manufacturing our products. We're a vegan friendly company, and we mean that.
Packaging materials
Around 90-95% of the plastics that we use in our packaging are biodegradable. So what does that mean? It means that a special additive is included during the production process meaning the plastic will biodegrade in 12-24 months in landfill. This harmless residue matter is then absorbed leaving behind no micro-plastics and more importantly, 0 trace that the plastic we used once existed in the first place. Our polybags, address labels, bubble wrap & sellotape (cellulose tape) are all biodegradable.
We use recycled paper, paper sellotape & plain cardboard boxes which can be recycled to ship our jewellery. 
What inspires us?
In a word; Asia. Even down to the name. "Emi" is a word, over heard when the team were travelling through Kyoto, Japan. We heard "Emi..." drifting on the breeze of a picturesque oriental garden. When the source of this delicate sounding utterance was located, it transpired to be a name, belonging to a small child. The little girl's name, her grandmother explained, literally translates as "Beautiful" or "Smile". We decided at that moment, this would be the essence of what we aim to achieve through our fashion aesthetic. This was to be the beginning of a lifelong love affair with Asian culture for the brand.

If you want to pick our brains about anything, don't be afraid to ask. You can easily contact us here.