Friday, 15 June 2018

Emi Jewellery LOVES bloggers! If you've got a killa' blogger account, we'd love to hear from you! Are you vegan? Get in touch!

We've been hot on our blogging game this year. In all honesty, it was and still is, a big part of my marketing strategy for the brand.

I took a few years out to concentrate on my concessions with Freemans + Lookagain. I wanted to build up my brand on these channels first before concentrating on my own website and working directly with bloggers.

What I love about working with the girls is their creativity. As a brand owner, I'm pretty easy going. I'll arrange to have something that you personally would:

A: love to wear
B: genuinely feel passionate about writing a piece on that item.

The styling I leave up to you, and its part of the surprise for me! 

Check out some of my favourite customer images which we've received so far this year below. They are pretty outstanding! Thankyou to everyone who I have collaborated with so far and I welcome all new bloggers/influencers into my life.

Are you a blogger? Are you vegan? Please get in touch with me, I'd love to hear from you. Let me know a bit about you, where are you based, the type of jewellery you like and why you think you'd be a great Emi girl!!

I'm always open to new suggestions and collabs...all you have to do is ask!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

What I am loving: Ruby Rocks collar necklaces

Ruby Rocks has never been shy but always bold and brave. As a brand we have tried not to follow trends but to set them in order to stand out from the crowd. We thrive on being creative with our prints and silhouettes and through being fashion forward and adventurous we have great customer feedback and many fans. We love reading all the positive reviews from our customers especially online and from emails about how impressed they are with their new wardrobe additions. We like to promote a joy and zest for life through quirky fashion that’s affordable and most importantly wearable!

Our inspirations... 
Ruby Rocks main inspiration is in making beautiful pieces that bring joy to our customers.
We try to incorporate ethical and fair trade principles in our production and use traditional methods of printing such as hand batiking which gives Ruby Rocks collections an individual look. Classic tailoring is given a modern twist and inspiration is drawn from vintage and folk pieces from around the world mixed with an intuitive grasp of future trends and modern culture.

Ruby Rocks as a brand and on a personal level values and promotes ethical practices in all its endeavours, we have a sense of responsibility and culpability towards all our employees as well as our environment and of course our customers. We are not mass producing throw away items but making to order high quality products in an environment that is pleasant to work in and nurtures creativity, our factory in Bali is a small but efficient family run establishment with which we work very closely.

Not to mention...we've also been nominated for the Drapers Awards "Best short order brand of the year" 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 as well as Footwear Finalist for 2012.

Ruby Rocks has always been a brand after my own heart. 

This season, the brand has really upped its A-game. They have produced some of the most amazing, festival worthy collars that I've seen in a long time.

I'm such a sucker for statement jewellery. Anything one piece, bold & chunky I just get drawn to automatically.

Take a look at the collection of collar necklaces which Ruby Rocks have for sale this season below. I found these collars online at freemans.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Our new, minimalist, vegan friendly jewellery, mini-giraffe necklace is now online

Minimalist vegan fashion jewellery by Emi

Minimalist vegan fashion jewellery by Emi

Minimalist vegan fashion jewellery by Emi

This little guy was a part of my very first collection that I sold through back in 2015 when my brand, Emi Jewellery, first got launched into the UK High Street. It was part of my Christmas gifting collection. Recently, he’s been getting more and more attention so I’ve decided to re-launch the mini giraffe necklace. My jewellery isn’t necessarily season dependent. I don’t follow trends, I just go with what my heart tells me to do. My heart is telling me: relaunch him! Relaunch him! So that’s what I’ve gone ahead and done. @milliemelissab (Insta) sent me this cute pic of her mini giraffe necklace and I wanted to share with you! I’ll let you know in the next few months when the necklace will be back online at Freemans. I’ve got a meeting booked with their buying team & then the necklace will be scheduled and re-launched. Watch this space! In the meantime, I’ve released a few units early through my website, just click the link to shop direct. It’s on special offer now at £12. I can’t guarantee how much it will be rereleased for, so if you’re interested, snap one up today! Lots of love as always! 🦒 💜

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Emi Jewellery x Raye Zaragoza our SS18 jewellery collaboration in support of the Dakota Access Pipeline

We teamed up with Raye Zaragoza as part of our SS18 collection. Here, Raye wears our Rose Embroidered Collar Necklace.
Why did we reach our to Raye? She is...
"One of the most politically relevant artists in her genre" - Paste Magazine
Raye Zaragoza is an award-winning singer-songwriter & activist whose multinational heritage (Native American (O'odham), Mexican, Taiwanese and Japanese) deeply informs her music. 
Her viral protest song “In The River,” a response to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota, garnered half a million views, national media coverage, and a Global Music Award and Honesty Oscar. The song was named the #2 Protest Song by Paste Magazine in 2017, and one of the Top 25 Protest Songs of the 21st Century by WhatCulture.
Tracks from Raye’s debut album Fight For You have been featured on numerous Spotify playlists including ‘Feminist Friday,’ ‘Invisible No More,’ and Cyndi Lauper’s Protest Songs Playlist. Raye has captured hearts around the USA and Europe with her activist anthems, political commentaries, and love songs.
Raye stands up for what she believes in. She speaks out. She doesnt take any bullshit and she's a girl after our own hearts. She holds similar values to our brand and not just that, she's one helluva singer and has something genuine to say.

You can follow Raye on Youtube / Facebook & Instagram.
The Rose Embroidered Collar is online from our website.
Image cred: Terry Bruce Herring