Thursday, 24 May 2018

New brand alert: Linea 35 from Italy. Cruelty free & vegan friendly diffusers for your home

Linea 35 - cruelty free, vegan certified reed diffusers - online at

OK - we are just obsessed with this new brand we found from Italy called Linea 35.

Linea 35 is a brand that is 100% Italian. They are based in Varese which is in the Lombardia area (the Northern part) of Italy. 

The range features 8 beautiful scents:

- Mediterranean Citrus Grove
- Bouquet of Iris
- Winter Cotton
- Prickly Pear & Rose
- Water Flower
- Jasmine in Bloom
- Arabian O'ud
- Provencal Sensations

Linea 35 - Vegan Diffuser - Mediterranean Citrus Grove

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Boutique of Iris

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Winter Cotton

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Prickly Pear & Rose

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Water Flower

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Jasmine in Bloom

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Arabian O'ud

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Provencal Sensations

Linea 35 is produced by Maxim SRL. As a company, they use quality Italian essential oils to create their scents. The diffusers themselves come in quite minimalist shape, glass bottles and a small pack of bamboo reeds (tied up with some string) is included in the pack along with a super sweet, poetic card with a description of the scent.

Personally, I think they make just fabulous gifts.

OK - now the important question. How much do they cost? I dont know about you, but being quite price conscious, this is always the first question that I ask. Yes, they are beautiful, and I'm totally buying into the concept, but how much is this going to cost me...

Well, in short, not that much!

Linea 35 is £22 for 250ml bottle, and then it costs just £18 for a 500ml bottle. Linea 35 have a suggested the 250ml bottle will last for around 3 months. The diffuser is 500ml so thats a good 6 months worth of beautiful fragrance for your home for just £3 a month. Thats actually less than a coffee!!

The full range is online over at Freemans and they offer free delivery as well with everything purchased from their site. £3/month. Thats outstanding!!

When comparing the prices with other brands in the market, it seems that Linea 35 is both better in price AND Linea 35 uses better quality ingredients that are from Italy.

My favourite scent by far is Arabian O'ud. Whats yours? Let me know!!


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