Monday, 28 March 2011

2011 Couture Preview

We are getting closer and closer to launching our couture collection. Our illustrator is working on a brand new logo for the range! ...we are so excited!

Anyway, we have decided to leak a sneak preview of some of the samples we have signed off for the collection. Keep on checking FACEBOOK for more previews over the next few weeks!

We love our new couture collection...and we think you will too!!

Love Emi♥. x x x

PS. The collection will be 100% recycled which means it is 100% eco friendly!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Swing ticket PDF has been approved!

We have been waiting for the day our swing ticket gets signed off - and today is the day!

We received the final PDF sample artwork - and our swing tickets looking great (if we say so our self). What do you think?

We have gone for a 25mm x 80mm swing ticket, one side printed on matt card. We will be using 100% organic cotton to tie and mini red safety pin to fasten to our neck labels.

Keep a look out for some final samples on their way...too, too excited now!

Love Emi♥. x x x

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New Vacancies - NOW ONLINE!

Intern Website Developer.

You will be responsible for the layout, visual appearance and usability of the website using a combination of graphic design skills and technical knowledge of how web pages are created. The work involves:

- Writing web pages in a combination of codes, such as HTML and XHTML, CSS & Javascript.
- Deciding on how images and other material will be digitally optimised and presented for the web.
- Website optimisation for all browsers.
- Fixing website errors & usability.

To apply for the role, please send your CV to:

New Vacancies - NOW ONLINE!

Student PR/Marketing Assistant

You will be responsible for the promotion of the brand via all forms of media. The work involves:

- Communicating with target audiences & managing customer relationships.
- Sourcing advertising opportunities & placing adverts in the press; including working with platforms such as relevant fashion blogs.
- Organising photo shoots.
- Maintaining the monthly newsletter, Facebook fan page, Twitter & Blog.

To apply for the role, please send your CV to:

New Vacancies - NOW ONLINE!

Part-time Photoshop Wizard

You will be responsible for creating seasonal brand campaigns through the use of innovative visual images. The work involves:

- Re-touching images from the brands illustrator.
- Creating visually appealing campaigns and maintaining the online home page.
- Liaising with the illustrator to create the monthly newsletter.
- Working with the photographer to ensure all look book images/advert images are to the highest standard.

To apply for the role, please send your CV to:

New couture range coming soon!

We have some exciting news to announce.

Xander will be creating a new range of couture accessories that will compliment his new clothing range launching over the next few months.

The collection is a 12 piece limited edition range and will feature high end statement necklaces, matching rings & earrings. These will run in limited edition ranges and will only be available via our website.

Keep on checking back for updates via Facebook!

Love Emi♥. x x x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Our "Recycled Evening Collar Necklace" - Appears in "hotter than my daughter" series 2, episode 8

One of our best selling lines from Spring of 2010 this necklace is back and in full force!

It features midnight coloured gem stones that are complimented by antique rose coloured gem stones and then finished off with silver cut glass. The necklace is covered at the back by a felt protective layer and comes with an adjustable ribbon.

Wear long or wear close to the your neck - we guarantee you will feel a million dollars in this necklace!

RRP only £8, click HERE to shop now!

Love Emi♥

x x x

Friday, 11 March 2011

Look what arrived at the office today...

We have been working our little fingers to the bone designing & designing in preparation for our 2011 clothing line. Anyway, while Alan was busy sorting out some jewellery for our winter collection Mr Postman arrived.

Anyway, he had a little parcel and contained within that parcel was some samples for our neck labels!

We decided to go for a woven label in basic white with our brand logo printed in the center. Stay tuned for more updates!

We will be releasing our look book images soon!

Love Emi♥

x x x

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Read all about the designer Xander Kostroma

Xander has come back to Emi♥ and has been welcomed with open arms. He has created our fab 2011 clothing line. Fancy reading a little bit about him and how the brand came about?

...Just click HERE.

Love Emi♥

x x x