Sunday, 13 May 2018

PETa listed Emi jewellery as one of their approved vegan fashion brands in the vegan directory

Yup - that right, we have now been officially listed in PETa's directory of vegan fashion brands! 

We're snuggled in-between Eco Vegan Shoes and...Esprit! My gosh, do you remember Esprit? I always used to walk past them in the Quandrant when I lived in Swansea, and now my brand is listed in the same directory as them. Its a pretty big achievement that I'm really quite proud of really. 

So what does it mean to have a vegan recognised fashion brand?
It feels pretty great actually. Having PETa recognise my fashion brand, Emi Jewellery as one of the pioneering organisations in fashion against ending animal cruelty, feels really great. It makes me feel proud that other companies out there are actually taking note of what I'm doing as a director. So, thanks PETa!

Its not Esprit that stood out to me as one of the major fashion brands to have been approved. 

- The Kooples
- Joy
- Love Child
- and a whole load of other brands have all been approved as vegan organisations.

You can view the full lists of vegan brands HERE.

Since becoming approved, I went ahead and added the PETa approved logo into our artwork. What do you think? I really like the fact it feels quite like its been stamped. It feels more, completed now. The emi artwork was always, and always has been quite small. With the addition of the PETa artwork on there, I think it looks completed. Yeah.

What are your favourite vegan fashion brands out there?
I'm not really a fan of the slogan vegan t-shirts. I don't really like that. I just like fashion pieces that are fair. Non gimmicky. That they are what they are.

Fashion bloggers x Emi jewellery
I'm still on the look out to work with more vegan bloggers (you don't have to be, but it would be a bonus) . So please get it touch with me via the site.

This year, I've already received some really great posts just in these past few weeks, so blogging is quite high on my list of to-do's right now.

Check out some of my favourites below from our instagram page.

The banana desert from Gingervegan is one of my favourite pictures and it mixes two of my favourite things together. Honest food and honest jewellery, in my eyes is always a winner.


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