Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Vegan smoothie bowl + vegan jewellery.... a match made in heaven!

How to make
Blend about 1.5 frozen bananas with a little almond milk and some @vegavero_gb all-in-one organic superfood mix.

Top with:
- Desiccated coconut
- Chia seeds
- Flaked almonds
- Pumpkin seeds
- Dried cranberries 

It's so simple to make and packed with all the nutrients that you need to set you up for the day. 

This amazing recipe is from Joanne (plantbased_bean) on Insta. She sent us this amazing picture wearing her PU Metallic Wrap Bracelet.

Emi - Vegan fashion jewellery & accessories

This bracelet is online at Freemans and features an amazing -30% off! Just click the link to shop our full range.

Whats your favourite smoothie bowl to make in the morning? We'd love to hear from you, and your favourite recipes! 

Love, Emi. x

Thursday, 24 May 2018

New brand alert: Linea 35 from Italy. Cruelty free & vegan friendly diffusers for your home

Linea 35 - cruelty free, vegan certified reed diffusers - online at freemans.com

OK - we are just obsessed with this new brand we found from Italy called Linea 35.

Linea 35 is a brand that is 100% Italian. They are based in Varese which is in the Lombardia area (the Northern part) of Italy. 

The range features 8 beautiful scents:

- Mediterranean Citrus Grove
- Bouquet of Iris
- Winter Cotton
- Prickly Pear & Rose
- Water Flower
- Jasmine in Bloom
- Arabian O'ud
- Provencal Sensations

Linea 35 - Vegan Diffuser - Mediterranean Citrus Grove

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Boutique of Iris

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Winter Cotton

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Prickly Pear & Rose

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Water Flower

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Jasmine in Bloom

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Arabian O'ud

Linea 35 Vegan Diffuser - Provencal Sensations

Linea 35 is produced by Maxim SRL. As a company, they use quality Italian essential oils to create their scents. The diffusers themselves come in quite minimalist shape, glass bottles and a small pack of bamboo reeds (tied up with some string) is included in the pack along with a super sweet, poetic card with a description of the scent.

Personally, I think they make just fabulous gifts.

OK - now the important question. How much do they cost? I dont know about you, but being quite price conscious, this is always the first question that I ask. Yes, they are beautiful, and I'm totally buying into the concept, but how much is this going to cost me...

Well, in short, not that much!

Linea 35 is £22 for 250ml bottle, and then it costs just £18 for a 500ml bottle. Linea 35 have a suggested the 250ml bottle will last for around 3 months. The diffuser is 500ml so thats a good 6 months worth of beautiful fragrance for your home for just £3 a month. Thats actually less than a coffee!!

The full range is online over at Freemans and they offer free delivery as well with everything purchased from their site. £3/month. Thats outstanding!!

When comparing the prices with other brands in the market, it seems that Linea 35 is both better in price AND Linea 35 uses better quality ingredients that are from Italy.

My favourite scent by far is Arabian O'ud. Whats yours? Let me know!!


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Its a nice day for a vegan, white wedding! Our summer inspired wedding theme photoshoot

Summer wedding photoshoot with Emi Jewellery

When you’re dripping in gold & you look a million dollars....

What an amazing opportunity I got to connect with such a creative team! So a few months ago, I sent in some of my vegan jewellery to one of the organisers of this wedding themed shoot. Today, I've had back some of the images, and well, they're fierce!!! Basically, our accessory game is STRONG if I dont say so myself. The above pictures is one of my favourite looks from the day.

The beautiful model, Mica is wearing the Gold Block Cuff & the Art Deco Cuff both are shown here in this amazing gold colour. Both bracelets, and many more are all available from our website or you can shop them from our online concession over at Lookagain.co.uk

I love the vibe when on set at a photoshoot. Everyone just vibes together and its so great to see ideas being bounced off one another. I think its actually one of the most favourite things I love about my job. 

Credits for the photo shoot:
Photographer: @annabel_farley_photography 
Bridalwear: @ouimadam1 
Makeup: @zoeeozmua
Model: @allaboutmica

The above links will take your directly to their Instagram pages, please be sure to check them out and if you feel like it, give them a follow too!!

Until the next shoot!

Love as always,
Xander xXx

Monday, 14 May 2018

Do you like Fashion Jewellery? We're recruiting for a picker/packer job role based in our Swansea, Wales Office

Emi Jewellery

About emi jewellery

We are a PETa approved, vegan concept fashion accessories brand, specialising in women's jewellery. Founded in 2009; our aim is to offer affordable costume jewellery with a conscience to women aged 30+.


Salary - £8.75/PH 
We are looking for a motivated & enthusiastic picker & packer to work in our Swansea warehouse.
You will be reporting to the line manager who will oversee your daily responsibilities & will manage your daily workload.
Responsibilities include:
- Downloading sales data from the system (DD Track) & reporting sales to Head Office in Switzerland.
- Picking customer orders from the pick bins.
- Preparing goods for shipment - including the last QC check. Reporting any damages to H/O if necessary & disposing of goods correctly following company guidelines.
- Packing orders according to a specific set of instructions.
- Preparing & booking shipments for collection by the courier.
- Clearing down order details from the system and reporting sales updates to H/O.
- Quarterly stock takes.
- Booking in goods from deliveries & reporting any discrepancies to H/O.
- Managing sample process & checking stock deliveries correspond to the Gold Seal samples approved by H/O.

If this sounds like you, and you would like to apply for the role, please get in touch with us HERE.


Sunday, 13 May 2018

PETa listed Emi jewellery as one of their approved vegan fashion brands in the vegan directory

Yup - that right, we have now been officially listed in PETa's directory of vegan fashion brands! 

We're snuggled in-between Eco Vegan Shoes and...Esprit! My gosh, do you remember Esprit? I always used to walk past them in the Quandrant when I lived in Swansea, and now my brand is listed in the same directory as them. Its a pretty big achievement that I'm really quite proud of really. 

So what does it mean to have a vegan recognised fashion brand?
It feels pretty great actually. Having PETa recognise my fashion brand, Emi Jewellery as one of the pioneering organisations in fashion against ending animal cruelty, feels really great. It makes me feel proud that other companies out there are actually taking note of what I'm doing as a director. So, thanks PETa!

Its not Esprit that stood out to me as one of the major fashion brands to have been approved. 

- The Kooples
- Joy
- Love Child
- and a whole load of other brands have all been approved as vegan organisations.

You can view the full lists of vegan brands HERE.

Since becoming approved, I went ahead and added the PETa approved logo into our artwork. What do you think? I really like the fact it feels quite like its been stamped. It feels more, completed now. The emi artwork was always, and always has been quite small. With the addition of the PETa artwork on there, I think it looks completed. Yeah.

What are your favourite vegan fashion brands out there?
I'm not really a fan of the slogan vegan t-shirts. I don't really like that. I just like fashion pieces that are fair. Non gimmicky. That they are what they are.

Fashion bloggers x Emi jewellery
I'm still on the look out to work with more vegan bloggers (you don't have to be, but it would be a bonus) . So please get it touch with me via the site.

This year, I've already received some really great posts just in these past few weeks, so blogging is quite high on my list of to-do's right now.

Check out some of my favourites below from our instagram page.

The banana desert from Gingervegan is one of my favourite pictures and it mixes two of my favourite things together. Honest food and honest jewellery, in my eyes is always a winner.


Friday, 11 May 2018

Pool Jewels - Ibiza inspired poolside jewellery for your summer holidays brought to you by Swimwear365

In February, I got an email from the team at Swimwear365 about a new campaign they were planning. We supply their parent company (Freemans) with jewellery & accessories. Anyway, it transpired that they were looking for a supplier to collaborate with, someone who could bring to life their vision of creating a capsule collection of poolside jewellery. 

Always up for a challenge, of course...I said YES!

So after a good few emails back and forth between me liaising with my agent in China (Juan Juan, who I'm sure you've heard me speaking of many times) we managed to finalise a capsule collection of necklaces for them. 

We decided on a gold & black matt opulent necklace. An on-trend, iridescent necklace and this beautiful mother of pearl all over chain. 

Gold & Black Matt Opulent Body Chain Necklace

Iridescent Silver Tone Body Chain Necklace

Mother of Pearl Body Chain Necklace

The last style that we delivered was a vibrant, multicoloured gem stone necklace...but the feedback  we got on this one was that it was OK, it wasn't great. This was mostly due to the fact that the front part of the necklace was really heavy, and it made the entire piece look disjoined and it pulled the design down.

The Vibrant Gem Stone Necklace

Ever quick thinking, the marketing team at Swimwear365 came up with an idea of how to resolve this:

Armed with a pair of pliers and some creative flare, the girls started to play around with the construction of the necklace, taking it apart piece by piece and adding it into other areas. Slowly, something started to happen. The form of the necklace started to change. 

By turning the necklace on its side, and by making a slight adjustment the necklace transformed into a belt! We tried the new belt on for size. By rebalancing the weight of the necklace onto the hips instead of taking the weight on your chest, the piece became a lot easier to wear and made more sense. Swimwear365 were happy and I was really happy to change the design and create a custom order for them.

The final shot of the belt used for the website is below. 

The order was confirmed, the stock was made and everything was shipped into them and the collection went live. 

I love my work. I love the fact that each day is different and each order that I process is unique. Managing an accessories brand was my dream from when I was aged just 16 years old working in Marks & Spencers. Flash forward 15 years and I'm living it as my reality.

As I always say, "Anything you want in your life is possible". Take all situations that present themselves to you and just say yes. Take a step back for a minute. Apply some creativity, and you really can take on the world!

You can shop the range of pool jewels from the Swimwear365 website HERE.

Drink in hand. Bikini on. Accessories done & Rock it.

I'm so ready for summer! Are you?

Xander. xx

Thursday, 3 May 2018

We caught up with Mairi from GingerVegan (Instagram) to speak about vegan fashion & vegan cooking

Vegan fashion jewellery
Mairi's latest post from Instagram featuring our Timeless Cream Stone Bracelet

Vegan fashion jewellery

We recently caught with with Mairi from GingerVegan over at Instagram to chat about our combined passion for vegan fashion and vegan cooking.

Mairi is the creative genius behind her instagram page "GingerVegan". She's now based in Ireland (after living in Switzerland for a number of years!) and is responsible for all the content she posts on her page. Mairi posts daily updates on her instagram page and has created some well thought-out,  balanced, healthy vegan meals. So, if you're ever stuck for some creative flare that doesn't come at the price of suffering to others, be sure to head on over to her page. Prepare yourself to be inspired!

You can read about what we chatted about below:

- How did you get into cooking?

I suppose I first started really cooking when I went to Art College. That is when I bought my first recipe books and I now have over 200! Then after I had my first child we moved to Switzerland where there is a much greater selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables and more of a culture of cooking from scratch, so I became more adventurous when we lived there and regularly made my own bread and cakes and biscuits.

- When did you make the switch to vegan?

I went vegan at the start of 2016. I had already cut out most dairy from my diet, so I thought I would try it out for a month and see if I could do it. After 2 weeks I wasn't missing anything so decided then that I was definitely staying vegan.

- What is your favourite thing to cook?

I love making cakes. In fact that is one of the things that stopped me going vegan for a long time. I didn't think it was possible to bake without eggs and butter. I have since discovered that you can make excellent vegan cakes, you just need a good recipe! 
I have also discovered that you can make delicious raw cakes and I love to find ways of making treats healthy but still delicious. Raw food, especially treats was something I had absolutely no idea about until I became vegan. 

- Favourite fashion company?

Of course I love Emi Jewellery and it is great that you have committed to being a fully vegan company. I hope more companies will follow suit. For clothes I actually make a lot of my own clothes and those for my family. I have my eye on some shoes at Will's Vegan Shoes. And on the high street I am really happy that H&M have a line of conscious clothing made with organic cotton. It would be nice if more companies could be more transparent about their production lines.

- Where do you see GingerVegan going as a brand for the future?

My dream is to have recipe books in the shops one day. For the moment I am working on my recipes and launching my blog soon. I'd like to have some sort of link between my recipes and fitness. Whether that is fitness and diet plans or even vegan fitness clothing I'm not quite sure yet. Watch this space!

Be sure to follow Mairi and her amazing vegan recipes over at Instagram. We've got a few collaborations planned for the future together too, so make sure to keep an eye out for that as well!

Thanks for sharing a small part of your life with us Mairi!

Xander. xx

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Emi Jewellery is now an approved as a Fur Free Retailer

Fur Free Retailer is the world’s leading program to connect fur-free companies to consumers seeking ethical goods. The online Fur Free Retailer list provides consumers accurate information about a retailer’s fur policy, allowing them to make an informed choice when shopping. The program specifically aims to encourage companies to go fur-free and further the spirit of ethical consumerism.
Run in over 20 countries the Fur Free Retailer program is an international initiative of the Fur Free Alliance, a coalition of more than 40 leading animal and environmental protection organizations worldwide, representing millions of supporters around the world.
Fur Free Retailer recognizes the international ISO 26000 guidelines of corporate social responsibility.
As of May 1st, Emi Jewellery is now a fully registered member of The Fur Free Retailer program.