Sunday, 30 December 2012

Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013!

So, this will be the last post from us at Emi HQ for 2012, we are off to the mountains in Italy to party the night away with good friends of course in style!

What can I say, this has been one helluva year for me and the brand. The biggest change for us I would say is now operating out of Switzerland. Its been a tough ride, and a scary one. Its not so often that a 25yo up sticks and moves to another country where he cant speak the language!

But, all being said, Ive stuck it out and all is going fantastic.

Emi is now stocked in 25 stores in 4 countries around Europe. I would love to thanks our agents: Jenny & Matt for their fantastic hard work and for all the press coverage the brand has received over this past year. The brand has grown so much and we have stayed true to our hearts and our core values. Spring 2013 is set to be huge with all the experience we have gained from these past seasons. Some old favorites will be back online for sale, and some really amazing pieces!

My favorite collection has to be our final, Anarchy in the UK, as this screams so much attitude and is a total reflection of my personality. I love things to be a bit different with that gothic/punk influence.

Since emigrating I have made some great friends, and Id love to take a little opportunity to thank Miriam & Federica for supporting me through these last few months. Without them, I know the brand wouldnt have made it and I wouldn't be writing this last post. So, thank you girls.

I'm going to keep it short and sweet, and wrap it up here. Look forward to seeing in 2013! Thanks for following me and the growth of my little jewellery brand Emi.

Lots of love,

Xander Kostroma.

PS - and here's 2 pictures of me and the girls. :)

Xander Kostroma & Miriam O'Reilly, Switzerland.

Xander Kostroma & Federica Koopman, Italy