Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The face jewellery trend - contemporary style by Emi Jewellery

Certain trends come and go - some are quicker to go, but the abstract face jewellery trend is similar to snakeskin or hounds tooth print: it never really goes out of style.

From Picasso-esque companions for your ears in multiple colours, to silver or gold hardware Matisse inspired silhouettes, face jewellery is currently having a moment.
So now’s the time to decorate your face (and neck) with accessories that resemble... your face.
This trend is not just a hipster one you’ll find at the back of Depop. Everyone from DIY Etsy sellers to luxury jewellery designers are creating face jewellery in numerous ways. 
And if it’s not just jewellery which resembles one’s expression that’s available, a clean body outline can be added to join the shiny party. 

What is our response to this trend? Well, I have designed 2 styles. The first is this serene face stud (as pictured above) and the second is more risqué with a dropper style as pictured below.

Our earrings will be launching AW18 and we might have something planned with one of our UK concessions, but more will be revealed on that as we progress through the year.

What do you think of our take on this trend? Could you see yourself wearing a pair of face earrings? Would you go for the dropper style? 

We're keen to speak to vegan bloggers as well for some exclusive collaborations. Since becoming PETa approved as a vegan brand, we're on the hunt to collaborate with like minded people, so let us know by contacting us HERE.

We've been looking in the market, and we're totally in love with some of the designs below. What do you think of these face earrings? 

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